Victoria’s Secret Summer Batch ☀

What’s summer without a few defining scents that makes you dream of sunny beaches?

Coconut fragrances, the smell of vanilla, amber delights…they are all one step away 🌴!
This year’s batch from Victoria’s Secrets came with a limited-edition surprise; the package design is simply lovely.

This is what I have for you babes: 

Exotic Bloom

Heat things up with a beach-inspired blend of crushed Goji Berries and Freesia Petals.

Limited Edition!

Amber Romance

2 words: sultry & sensual! The new formula is totally richer and offers way better hydration; this mix of Amber and Crème Anglaise makes it my favourite body lotion yet.

Island Sun

Juicy Star-Fruits and beachy Coconut Water come together in this amazing, warm summer body lotion.

Limited Edition!

Vanilla Lace

This is a perfect sweet combo: Vanilla & Musk.

P.S. Thank you Sparkie for chewing on my body lotion.

Love Spell Lace

With a sensual twist on the original Love Spell scent, this lotion comes with notes of Drenched Plum and Sugared Musk.

Coconut Passion

Before discovering Amber Romance, Coconut Passion was my first choice. I even got one of those little travel-sized lotions to always carry around with me 💛.

Get ready for summer by drowning yourself in Vanilla & Coconut.

Lush Palm

Summer heats up with a mix of juicy Guava and exotic Orchid.

Limited Edition!

Let’s not forget that we need to take care of our lips too!
The Lip Silk collection keeps them hydrated with the Vitamin E boost, while giving an awesome shine and an insanely pleasant taste (for real).

This is a new kind of luxury for lips: soft, smooth and sexy as silk, with a gorgeous colour and intense softness.


For nude lovers.


For baby-pink lips.

Keep posted lovies. Show is about to go down.


-A 💎.

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