Into the Unexpected

This day was supposed to be pretty basic; going to Cluj, looking for pavement, coming back home. 

But, somewhere along the way, we got lost-on purpose. The rain started to flood the air and that fresh, wet earth scent crossed even through the closed windows of our Mazda. 


This is the noun that describes the smell of earth after rain; it’s 10 times more intense if you find yourself in the middle of a forest.

We even got to visit a 442-year-old monastery on our way back home.

It was so small. So simple. So Romanian. Such a long time has passed since I actually felt how beautiful my country was.

On the top of a mountain, kilometres from civilization, a petite village embraced us with a remote fishery. I was surrounded by hundreds of baby trouts in the heart of the woods, and a narrow, shallow river kept on singing just besides us. 

It felt so peaceful. I realized-at one point in this life, the nature’s beauty becomes enough.

Enough to let go of everything; enough to find your inner peace; enough to spend hours with no Wifi and no signal and still be the happiest human alive.

I appreciate people who live a simple life. All this 21st century rush got us drowning; in worries, in stress, in pressure.

We need to escape all this once in a while.


-A ­čĺÄ.

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