Dear reader, Here I am again, ready to tell my stories; ready to be your companion; ready to create something that fills in your 5 minutes of boredom. I do feel sorry for being AWOL these past few weeks, though.ย  I turned 21 this month. The West might see this as a milestone, but Romanians … Continue reading 21

2017 Karma: 5 Things To-Do at Midnight โœจ

What goes around, comes around; karma is not a bitch, is a mirror. What you do reflects your life and your future.ย  So be good; do good.ย  Text your friends and family,ย sending some love. Describe how much affection you have for them and what you appreciate in them. It's all about sharing love! Just think … Continue reading 2017 Karma: 5 Things To-Do at Midnight โœจ